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Hey, here’s an idea… Anyone want to take and continue this blog?

It seems like a few of you are disappointed that this blog is ending, so would anyone like to take over this account? The main blog already has almost 650 followers to start, and there’s a second blog that you can try to get going.

Anyone interested?

In Case you’re all curious… here are the stories and posts I had planned for this blog.

- A follow-up to the last post where Tavi starts freaking ut about getting old even though she’s the same age as Vinyl.

- Flashbacks to school days. Vinyl remembers Tavi being exactly the same in kindergarten, quite literally. One colt asks her, “hey Vinyl, is that your mom?” Tavi is the same in high school too, but Vinyl had an even more immature sense of humor back then. She also attracted lots of boys to her and she was totally oblivious to it. She got both of them in trouble once for showing Tavi the word “boobs” on a calculator in math class and then laughing her head off.

- A flashback to how they got their cutie marks.

- Tavi continues to be madly in love with Franz Liszt, a dead composer. Turns out she traveled back to the 19th century with Doctor Whooves once and she fell in love with him there.

-Vinyl struggles to come to terms with the fact that she’s attracted to mares instead of stallions, and gets Tavi’s motivation to ask out her crush.

- Tavi has issues with being a little obsessive-compulsive and also a four-thing freak.

- More stuff with Vinyl’s band, including a concert. She makes Tavi go, who feels completely out of place being a “lady” surrounded by loads of hipsters and hippies.

- Tavi feels down one night and goes to a symphony. She feels an immediate attraction to the pianist, because he reminds her of Franz Liszt, and hunts him down afterwards. Turns out he’s seen her perform before and admires her. They both blush and he asks her out.

Whelp, time to move onto new things.

I think I’m basically going to call this blog dead for good now. I had some extensive plans for it, but I’ve kind of just lost the motivation to work on it. I feel like moving onto something new instead, something with more originality than working with canon characters that there are about a million other blogs for.

So here’s what I’m planning on doing: I’m going to be starting up an OC ask blog with all new and original characters (and it’ll definitely feature old canon characters from these two blogs) over on a new account. I’ll be sure to make a big post about what that is when it’s set up. And of course this blog (and the Derpy blog I made that no one ever followed) is still going to be kept around, but it just won’t be updated anymore. Sorry everyone!

But I’m really looking forward to starting something new and I hope it’ll be even better than what I had going on here.

Classes starting —-> Probably another hiatus

I know the blog’s on only in short bursts, but I’ll see if I can keep it going at all during the school year since I really want to keep it going now.

Just a little reminder about questions…

I know some of you like to submit things like “are you two in love?” or “now kiss.”

I just thought I’d remind those people that in this blog, their relationship is supposed to be purely platonic. So if you do really want to still submit questions like those, just remember that as long as the blog runs, Vinyl and Tavi are never, ever going to kiss or fall in love with each other.